Rescue Journal

so here is the difference between the real world and the rescue world

Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2009

you probably do not give a shit about various forms of laundry detergent...but i do. it is 10o'clock at night and i am waiting to put in the very last of 13 loads of wet, dirty, stinky saints laundry and i am going to have to re-do the last freaking load because it is covered with laundry detergent powder.

liquid detergent does not do this.

it is not that i am the martha stewart of the laundry room..i am not the martha stewart of any room (esp. the kitchen or the board room) i in fact am not the least bit interested in any kind of domestic nesting thing..i just want to get the god damn laundry done..... BECAUSE....

i am working the next 9 out of 10 days and i need clean clothes to wear and i cannot start my own personal laundry (of which there is ANOTHER half a dozen loads) until i finish the freaking saints laundry which is currently covered with wet white powdery crap and making me re-do what should already have been done just once....

tide is a huge company..they can't make an efficient and effective laundry powder????

so here is the difference between the real world and the rescue world as far as laundry goes...we may both dislike residue left on our laundry..BUT...we are not both doing about 19 loads of laundry in one single night.

good thing i can multi-task...cuddle the bed buddies, read a book, write a blog, clean up poop, mop a puddle and flip thru a ton of laundry for most of the night.

tide owes me an apology for their product not cooperating very well with my saturday night plan.