Rescue Journal

it was for me a brain-less day

Carol  ·  Dec. 20, 2009

i got to the store..fed and set loose the barn guys, i did the meds and diabetics and then i just scooped wet hay and poop for the rest of the day.....mindless physical activity but one with a purpose...when i was done the gravel pathways around the barn were totally clean and tidy...makes a body feel good!
of course now i am back to doing laundry...another mindless activity but not one so satisfying.

it is the rocket science of rescue that exhausts me...the physical stuff alone is actually a really nice rest.

thx for doing the 3 tours today laura and lana....i totally appreciate that i took unfair advantage of you...but the gravel paths do look really nice heh? Ko and tanya, kept dumping the wheelbarrows i filled ..i felt somewhat guilty about that too...those wheelbarrows were pretty heavy and full!

maude had a blast today...she was running around...she and emily were playing tag together, the ancient husky and the baby cow...both of their heads on the exact same page today.
she was rolling around and grabbing the fresh straw i was putting was the maude from 3 years ago when she was only 14....what a treat to see her like that again.

i realized i miss working out in the barns...i still do the feeding and putting to bed..but their minds are really busy and impatient then. i miss the quiet cuddle with percy, joy giving me a small little lick...a few moments with kneeling with ellie and telling her how perfect she is..watching gilbert and emily or emily and maude play..i miss it all...saints most perfect way to spend a quiet day.

my funny today....

i obviously have been away from the barns for TOO LONG!
i was walking lahanie down because his strap was undone again and i wanted to fix it so i needed him to stay still and let me. so i circled around with him with my hands up, saying wo...and he got the message and stopped for me.
after i fixed his strap, i patted his neck and said..there you go buddy... thank you lahanie...good dog.
huh? i can no longer see the difference in the types of animals around me????

thx to everyone else who allowed me to zone out with a barn fork and reconnect with other species BESIDES just dogs and cats and did the rest of the stuff that needed doing around here too.



Tammy, flattery will get you everywhere...especially out of Anyways I do enjoy taking about all our special crew, but a moment like today when a little 8 yr old girl hands me her jar of saved pennies to help the animals makes it all worth it.


I too would like to thank Laura and Lana for running the tours today. They do an awesome job showing the place off and introducing the gang. They are very informative and have great patience.
Phebes gives you two high fives and two ears folded back.


Wow! A new breed of dog that's how many hands high? Move over Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound.