Rescue Journal

the trial saints

Carol  ·  Dec. 21, 2009

the reasoning behind trials is simple.....i don't know.

as well as i know folks before they go home wth our guys..and i know folks pretty well...and as well as i know the animals living here (which is really well too) i still don't know very much at all what the heck is going to happen once that animal is there and not here.

milly is coming back...this does not surprize me. louise has other cats which i knew was not a great idea. but...louise knew who she was going home with, has tons of experience and is completely in love with milly with milly loving her too. SOMETIMES miracles happen and for whatever reason, things that shouldn't work, work....(like when rainbow came here.) anyway...we thought it was worth a shot. but milly cheerfully has louise's cats pinned in the closet... "this is my home guys should live in the closet!"..sigh...way to go home for you for christmas, you busy little brat.

lilly, i think should come back. but her trial foster home does not want to give up yet. i knew lilly was an odd little dog with a bunch of weird fears. i knew she would do better in a single quiet pet home than she did around here. there were times here that she was really afraid and would hide for hours....but other times when she was strutting about here, brave as can be. i knew she was afraid of cameras, and flashlights and other things that i could not identify too. it didn't seem to be dogs or cats but i wasn't quite sure. is displaying destructive SA in her trial home....that i can understand..she has been thru the mill. but she is also biting...different times, different people including her new mom. and this does really concern me because lilly as far as i know...does not bite.
not sure what is going on in her little golf ball sized brain but whatever it is, i am not happy about not knowing what she is thinking right now.
anyway..i did reluctantly agree to extending the trial for a few more deserves the chance but she damn well better stop biting or she is coming back.

and this is why i do trials now both for adoptions and fosters...because sometimes i think i know what is going to happen and sometimes i don't have a clue, and i like having trial periods to make sure things go the way i want them to.



spot's trial is ended and the adoption has been finalized..he has a permanent home of his own now.


I so want it to work for Lily..maybe they're trying too hard. Oh, silly Milly we so need to find you a catless home!