Rescue Journal

ok..cancel the helping me...maybe help these guys instead

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2009

2 12 yr old poms m/f...owner is palliative, the dogs need help right now and must stay together.
biting little shitzhead...female 5 years old...sitting on a very shaky line at one of the shelters.

plus the pounds and shelters are getting desperate for us to open admissions again...if anyone knows anyone good who might give a great home to an end of life old or sick dog or is the time to step forward...i can put them in touch with the folks who really need some help with the very desperate and unadoptable seniors coming in over the christmas season.

i am sticking by my new ones right now but geez it freaking hurts.

oh and the results are posted.... we won the rescue challenge..number one in canada...$1000 (tonight i wish it was one thousand great homes)...anyway, it is not, still...this will really help with the upcoming new year vet bills, i am so very grateful...thank you to everyone who voted for us...we are truly was you who did this for us.



that facebook group got email reminders.
leave me alone, jenn did it too and it worked!
if you confiscated my computer you'd be nominating yourself to take over all the saints computer stuff i do and you don't want that now do you.


what email reminders???? geez nicole..remind me to confiscate your computer!


doesnot sound right yeah yeah that is better. hope those old dogs and cats find a home.


thank you to everyone who continuously voted and didn't get annoyed with all the blog post and email reminders to vote. go team saints!