Rescue Journal

i don't know...

Carol  ·  Dec. 24, 2009

felix had a great flip flop session while we watched a bit of "white christmas"....he can't be dying..he is enjoying himself too much (and he is not on the happy cardiac med either)..i think maybe the vet doesn't quite get the very alive little spirit inside that little very wrecked body.

max is laying under the computer desk while i write this..he is alternatingly licking my leg and resting his chin on my slipper. i think i am noticing a pattern a jerk, bite someone, and all is well in his world. he is a very weird dog.
cole is softly crying tonight...i am not sure what is wrong with him. he stops as soon as i go to him and rub his face and then when i sit back down....he starts up again. i am thinking maybe he has a bladder infection..we need to somehow get a urine spec on him.
i moved doris over to the medical room....she really seems to like the peace and quiet better over there. i have checked on her a few times and she looks totally content...i was wondering if it was too much for her over here..i think that it was.

well...i am the saints santa clause so i better go get their christmas day treats ready...they will be on the desk in the mp room if the saints volunteer christmas elves would like to hand them out tomorrow morning!


Maggie Calloway

How could I not go on the vet runs now that Felix has
'baptized' me! Love, Maggie