Rescue Journal

it is a baileys night tonight!

Carol  ·  Dec. 27, 2009

i bought myself a new pair of fleece pj bottoms and new terry slippers (i need a second pair when the first is in the wash) and i spent a grand total of $26 on both...very soft, very warm which is good cuz i am freezing tonight...hopefully those and the hot chocolate and baileys will soon warm me up....simple tastes for a simple soul...i could do a great commercial.

the vet called with 4lanes blood results....his liver is ok so his ataxia is not from there...kidneys are not great but he is going on 15 years old so no surprise in that either. so that leaves us with either a series of small strokes or a brain tumour. with the stroking theory he would be getting better...with the tumour theory, he would be getting worse.

he is starting to try to bite the other dogs again so i am thinking he is getting better......4lane is probably having small strokes.

i bought ellie a pair of giant dog boots today to help her little sore feet (she gets very thick and painful callous's because she weight bears incorrectly due to her size, mis-aligning her knees)....not sure if she will let me put them on her and at least give them a fair chance (last year the winter coat fiasco was a good indication of how she feels about wearing things.... she did find mo's coat in the barn today and re-decorated (ie tried to remove) the sleeve...ellie prefers sleeveless things) but as soon as i get a day off, i will sit down and discuss it with her. if she can understand some of what i am saying, (and trust me...ellie understands quite a bit even for an intelligent species like a pig) so she might decide to give it a shot....we'll see....but ain't no one going to be hanging around with a camera this time...i will save myself the embarrassment...just ellie mae and her little sore feet, the maybe helpful boots and me!

laura did a a mixed tour group today...she does such a great job and i think everyone really liked the place.
NO LAUNDRY TONIGHT!!!! i bet lynne took it all home...lynne... i can do laundry in the evenings as well as you can (hah! maybe even better cuz i am the laundry queen!!!) could have at least left half of it here for i feel bad for blogging about it last night...but i did get it done pretty damn fast!

well...not so early day tomorrow..i start at 830 instead of 7 am...but i better go get the mp building done for tonight since my hot chocolate cup is empty and i am finally warm again....strike while the iron is hot (or at least the body is still warm!)



Did you know...if you go to the men's pj department of any clothing store you can buy JUST the fleece bottoms of pj's? They have the fantastic bulkiness and a cool drawstring to keep them on. ( comfy and so very high class )

Ellie also prefers sideless coats, as mine can attest to. What color are the boots? Maybe she'll favor them more if they are pretty. She seems to gravitate towards brightly colored things.