Rescue Journal

we filled a void today

Nicole  ·  Dec. 31, 2009

since Codi passed away last month, our house has seemed eerily quiet and empty.
a senior mixed breed dog was pulled from animal control by another rescue, thank you bonnie, and they only had a temp 2 week foster home for her.
i read her story once and knew i was in trouble. she looked and sounded so much like my old Honey.

So we welcome Honey Bear (yes, same name, but we think we are going to change it - she's deaf so it won't matter to her) in to our home in Vancouver and the SAINTS family.

She is adorable and reminds me of when Lexi would get her annual shave down and look like a puppy again.
She is quite emaciated and has a very weak back end and a few lumps and bumps. I thought she would be quiet and frightened when she arrived here but she quickly motored around the entire place, found the toilet really fast and likes to drink from it. The cats all met her and she was great and they weren't scared which is good for them.
I wasn't going to introduce her to the crazy clan until tomorrow, but i brought her down tonight and all has gone well so far. A couple sniffs and everyone is laying around like the lazy lumps they are.

and mo, don't worry, i am working on the cat pages, a few more hours of work left and they'll be all finished. i just need to find a wee bit of time.



I think ... for some reason... she looks like Moses there. She sure is cute and lazy lumps are my favorite type of dogs... especially because I have spent 2 weeks with four dogs all under the age of 3 years.

Francesca Wilson

Nicole and household,

Wat a great picture to start 2010. Your household is saintly.


hmm, well the dragon's name is: Dragon. and while it would be funny, not sure it quite suits her.
i'm leaning towards Emmeline (Harris), Emme for short. I was watching anne of green gables all day yesterday and that is one of the characters' names.

mo, check back on the cat pages throughout the day as i'll be putting them up one by one as i have them finished. but i do work at 4pm so i won't get tons finished.


Yea for honey..... she is one very fortunate pooch to land with you guys & I look forward to seeing her pics as she settles in with your crew... thats me.. back to pictures.. I think I need therapy

Congrats to Zoe & Nicole for the new addition to the family


welcome honey-baby...too bad she is deaf cuz she can't hear all of our...awwwwwww's!
beautiful girl.

re could continue with the shrek movie theme....what was the love sick dragon's name?


Oh what a great way to start the New Year.
Welcome to beautiful and lucky Honey Bear.
Happy new Year to you all at SAINTS.


she's b e a u t i f u l!!!!!

I keep scrolling up to her face. She's quite a stunner. Love her pink nose.

Congrats on your new family member!

Happy 2010 everyone!!