Rescue Journal

gawd...2 days off and i am still dragging my ass.

Carol  ·  Jan. 1, 2010

i don't know if it is because my days off are really never truly days off...even when i try to fake one...there is always something i absolutely have to do....there are always animals and people around me. even when i have a bath..i squeeze it in between something else. and of course there is no guarantee that my day will actually end..sometimes the day slides into the night and the night slides into the next day and on and on.
but then...this is nothing new...this has been my life for several years now.

maybe i am protein starved again...i eat like shit and then i try not to eat meat too. ever since i saw "the cove" i am not to into eating fish either. a tuna fish sandwich a couple of times a week was my main source of protein. i do need to eat better.

maybe my fibromyalgia is flaring up again..i am really stiff and sore and tired...maybe that is what is wrong with me. but the worst of everything is...i have no energy.

rescue is a great excuse for feeling like shit. i could even milk it and pretend i am like a hero who just does not have time for myself. but the reality far as i am concerned...i am totally lazy..i don't want to cook proper meals, i don't want to go to the doctor...shit... i don't even want to go to the dentist and not only have i had a tooth ache for the past week, but i have a good dental plan that i have not used even once in almost 10 years.

i think the problem is....i am inert.

saints news...there isn't new new out....the sickies who were sick are still sick and the ones who were not are still not. maybe saints right now is inert too.


Chris T

Hi Laura - you can go to my blog to see it as I have not been able to post pics here for a while. Here is the link:


Not big news? Tucker was a Saint and a well loved member of your family. I remember when he first came to Saints...what a sweet boy...that just wanted to be loved. Well he found that when he stole Angelina's heart. Sorry for your loss and thank you all for giving him a caring home. Could you please post a picture of his sweet face?


tucker was a good dog, who deserved a good end of life like all of the saints here now and those yet to come.i am so happy he did not have to end his life here. i have not written his obit. yet because i have not talked to you or chris since his death but you guys can share his life with you story here if you would like.
rest in peace tucker and i am truly sorry for yet another deep loss in your family.


So very sorry for your loss Chris, Deb and Angelina. And all your crew.


I am so sorry to hear about Tucker, Deb. I remember him from his pictures and your stories. He was a beautiful and deeply loved dog. I believe this is your second loss in the last year. So hard to go through. May the love in your family sustain you all.


Tucker's family said a sad goodbye to him on December 28. While his 18 months as the well-loved member of a real family didn't erase his 15 years plus as a yard dog, he knew he was cared for and safe here with us. Tuck's death is not big news, but it is worth mentioning.


You do need to eat better Carol, ya gotta take care of yourself. What about cheese, hard boiled eggs, almonds, peanuts....not all mixed together of course. Those things should be easy to keep in the fridge and quick to grab and provide an energy boost. I know what you mean about the energy though. I only have 10 animals here right now and I am so must be the winter hibernation thing, I have no motivation!