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Upcoming SAINTS' Fundraiser...

Sheila  ·  Jan. 1, 2010

We have booked March 20th as a pub night for SAINTS. It will be in Maple Ridge at Fox's Reach.
Right now we are planning to have a silent auction but I would like to keep the auction portion small if we can come up with other fun ways of raising money that night.
If anyone would like to suggest something I would be happy to hear from them. In the meantime if anyone knows of new or gently used items for the silent auction please let me know... or perhaps put them to one side (maybe you can regift some Christmas presents that didn't exactly work out)

If you are wondering - The Wishes for Whiskers Dinner is booked for Sept 20th and will be in Pitt Meadows this year at the Pitt Meadows Golf Course.



Another fund raising idea.. a monthly Craigslist sale for your supporters. Hubby today made $60 selling off stuff we will never use on Craigslist. Easy peasy and costs the seller nothing.

Anyone have anything to sell? I could think of many things each month to sell off and give the profits to SAINTS. You?


I have seen this idea at several benefits...selling different coloured ballons (e.g. white is $5, blue is $10, gold is $20) each has a scratch ticket inside...white could win up to $10,000, blue could win up to $20,000, gold could win up to $50,000...whatever. People seem to enjoy the visibility of their balloons, showing others which colours they bought. Some pop the balloons right away, others hold onto them until the end of the night.
Just an idea.


Thanks Chris but I just completed a raffle for the Surrey shelter so I am familiar with all the rules regulations etc.

Chris T

A raffle is a good idea and you could have the draw at the event. At this point though, I don't think you could get a raffle together before the March event. You could for the September. You need a license and all that stuff and you can't raffle off booze. Sadly. I have just finished setting up one for my work place so I can help out if you need it.


A 50/50 draw is good. also if you get 3 bigger prizes and sell raffle tickets for them(like a booze basket,a bbq ect?) people like to have tickets and a chance to win stuff...