Rescue Journal

i did sleep on and off since about 6 pm last night...(ie i slept really well in between things)

Carol  ·  Jan. 2, 2010

and i did still manage to get the saints laundry done plus some of my own in between sleeping. the cockers had a little bit of a better night...some coughing when they woke up and got up for frequent pee breaks (the trouble with lasix) nursing we call this SOBOE...(shortness of breath with activity) but at rest, they slept without coughing so this was a good thing. i have 4 early morning shifts and then a couple of weeks of holidays...yay..i really need these.

i think it is the burdens of being an imperfect human in rescue that tires me the most....try being the sole person responsible for always doing everything right in the saints is not only mission impossible but the effort is more than exhausting.
oh for a normal life.

my new years resolution should be....i will eat better and try to worry either of those will ever happen.


Chris T

Carol - you could try drinking an ensure or two a day to get some nutrition.


what tires me is waking up in poop city. emme and/or shrek had the poops last night. not fun this morning.