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brindle has been interesting reading lately

Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2010

there are like 5 different controversial threads going.....with a whole wealth of things to ponder about. like the fractured fairy tale post below....why would you jump into rescue without arming yourself with every single scrap of knowledge and experience that you could possibly subject yourself to?
i will tell you why, because many folks are not only lazy but they are impatient too...they want to be "the all knowing rescue guru" without paying the knowledge dues.
well good luck on that one...i am still waiting for my all knowing guru papers...but at least i can figure out some of the simple stuff.


champ goes for his like 14th side by side daily walk with doris..never a problem, they walk well together..they are both really old and wrecked. and then today at the end of the walk, for absolutely no known to man reason (but pretty well known by me)...champ nails doris in her ear and scares the crap out of her too. totally unprovoked, she was oblivious to his existence til then.

so what happened? well only one thing really...champ was being a dick head today. no rhyme or reason..just an old dog who decides he is an ass today. this is not rocket science, this is not a huge delve into his mind and behavior and manage and modify the shit out of him...this is just simply a crippled very old man who was acting like asshole. lets not justify it with any nicer excuse.

this is why champ lives in the office because i do not like how he gets sometimes....he has his not so great days.....yes, even dogs have them...just like people.

this is why the innocent don't do so well in rescue..they think the answer is in a book somewhere instead of right in front of you....champ was just simply a dick-head today. (but no more walks with doris!)

and to proceed on to the weirder side of a rescue have no idea what i did today. i bought an old but very clean and nice, 21 foot trailer. now why would a rescuer who never leaves home and has a dozen needy dogs sleeping in her kindsized bed in a perfectly good house....need a 21 foot travel trailer?

well i don't.

but frodo does.
that poor cat has gotten squeezed out of every single area we set up for just him...the mp room, the office, the medical/bunny room and lastly, the hideaway suite and the shop. every single time that saints needs more space...frodo loses out. and finally we have hit the end of the line...there is no more space anywhere to reno for him a place of his own.
it is utterly unfair and totally unkind that he gets pushed over for everyone else...frodo has a right to a place that he can call his house.
so yes the crazy woman at saints just bought a cat his very own trailer and i will paint a sign on the door that assures frodo forever that this last house is his very own house...forever....he has my word.

and here is another thing the innocent don't know about do not continually cheat and take away from any animal in your care, not even to meet the needs of others. if frodo cannot live with other animals, and i said that frodo could forever live here..then i am obligated to stop dicking around and give him what i said i would give him.

so frodo is now the proud owner of his own travel will be delivered later this week.

oh yay laura...another interesting stop on your tours!

(innocent people don't like being thought of as nutz...but in rescue, when push comes to shove...and for the happiness of a cat...we don't really care.)



it is because there is so much nastiness on there sometimes that people actually miss the good stuff that happens there too.

interestingly can learn just as much about what you don't want to do in rescue as you can about what you do want to do.


someone actually said this week..( Can't remember which thread or whom) that it is few and far between that an animal is actually helped on Brindle. I was amazed and taken aback by that statement as knowing so many folks that got their feet wet from first going onto brindle how can that be true...many animals obviously have been helped in small and big ways from that board...and from that board blogs like Carol's have developed with so much information...


I had forgotten that brindle was the way I had found out about Carol starting SAINTS.


Hi Liana

Brindle is referring to the web site for BC Pet Rescue Message Board , it is a web site set up to assist people doing rescue to communicate with each other & for anyone who has interest in the welfare of animals & a willingness to help and or learn... it can be a great source of information ,support and I have learned tons from the members on the was actually how I came to be a SAINTS volunteer .


I won't mind one more stop on the least this one will be a quiet spot without all the dogs barking at new visitors. I agree with Colleen...we need to have a house warming party for Frodo...I think he would enjoy having a few of his friends over to his new pad!



" why would you jump into rescue without arming yourself with every single scrap of knowledge and experience that you could possibly subject yourself to?

That is exactly what I was thinking when reading the threads on Brindle.. I think that person is really just stirring the pot & sitting back to laugh at how she/he can instigate the others into a feeding frenzy, cuz if that is not the case... then that person really is nutz .... but it certainly makes for an interesting read.


Maybe Frodo should open it as a B&B for SAINTS supporters but only if they bring their own linens and breakfast of course!

Lynne & Scott

And you can use the travel trailer to park in our yard for a Spot visit... :-) Frodo is welcome, of course!


maybe now he will stay out of people's vehicles cuz he will have his own mobile home on wheels!


That is gonna' be one well traveled through travel trailer! What with all Frodo's friends!

Now I need to decide on a house warming gift.....


Carol you're awesome. Only you would know exactly what Frodo wanted, what a lucky cat :)