Rescue Journal

frodo LOVES his new house

Carol  ·  Jan. 5, 2010

as soon as i opened the door, he jumped out of my arms and into his new abode. he has checked out every nook and cranny...he has tried to open every single cupboard door. he got even happier as he watched his queen sized bed get made up with fresh sheets and quilts and when his litter box, food, and water bowls, fancy feast, toys and temptation treats move in there too.

frodo has figured out that this is his house..and i think mo, he won't into be sharing...he was biting my chin when i dared even to mention it to him. we might have to look for another trailer for one on one time with everyone else.

or maybe we should consider that used portable? we could use a multi-purpose group play/one on one time room.

anyway...frodo has still not stopped purring....the cat who would be king finally got his very own castle.



That was a love bite Frodo gave & he was thanking you for giving him his own space... next is a sign on the door that sez "Frodo's Club house enter by invitation only"


yep, it's heated...i am afraid of the propane furnace tho so i put an electric oil radiator thing..i think they are safer.
we still have to wash up the outside...the siding is winter weather dirty but maybe nicole will get some pics today and post you'll have to use your imagination for when we give the outside of his house a bath.


Welcome home Frodo! Don't be surprised if he gets the locks changed, so you can't bring anyone else in! Is it heated? I'm sure "Someone" will be posting a pic of it soon???