Rescue Journal

there were other things going on today besides the loss of my dear friend.

Carol  ·  Jan. 7, 2010

i got totally pissed right off when another rescue not only refused to take back one of their cats, but told the family to call me instead. low blow...apparently i am not just responsible for every animal who has ever come into my care..i am responsible for other rescue's animals as well.
i got the call just after daphne's death. i was not nice...i told the family to call the rescue back and tell them i said they are to take back their cat...the family is going to euthanize if they don't get some help. if they still refuse, i told the family i would take is not the cat's fault his rescuers don't follow the most basic rescue rules....but it still pisses me off.

i would rip off my arms and legs to reach one of our guys who needed us again...even a pain in the ass one like reg. i don't get some of the new rescue loyalty, no honor, no sense of responsibility...just whatever is convenient and easy...well i say screw that...rescue is not supposed to be easy.

other new incoming.

we agreed several months ago to be the forever guardians of whatever animals were left unplaced by a person fighting a terminal illness. the time has come to bring them here...ootah is a young and boisterous rotti..he will become a forever saint...either as a permanent sanctuary or more hopefully, as a permanent foster dog. and merridith is a seven year old pygmie goat and she will remain a permanent sanctuary girl. this is the agreement i made with their human mom so she can end her life in peace and never has to worry about them again, i will worry about them for her. they will arrive early next week.

also, mission animal control called....a very old and very sweet lab cross needs a place to go. i will go see him tomorrow and if he is truly destroyed in body, i will probably bring the poor old fart home.

and our friends from ace of hearts down south in california who are still fighting against the desperate high kills in public shelters...have a little old and blind chihuahua for us. their founder kari is planning a visit here next month and asked if archie could come with her and stay on to live at saints.

they are killing thousands of chi's in california...the economy is so bad that many poverty stricken people are breeding them to try to make money just to put food on the table...the problem of course is now there are so many, no one can make any money on them so they are getting dumped at the shelters where no one will adopt them either...(probably because anyone who wants one, already got 10 for free off the street.)...chihauha's in california are worth less than a dime a is beyond horrifying and disgusting but it is a terrible consequence of their socio-economic problems.

anyway...archie can have daphne's spot on my much trouble can a blind chi be?...maybe a lot but whatever...i am more worried about the confusion of having 2 dogs named archie.

i am all tied up in guilt knots today...we have had 5 dogs out recently...three are coming in...and i still haven't called and opened up admissions to the spca for their really old and wrecked ones....and i know they are waiting for me to call but i can't call them now.

the happy note is....frodo is still very much in love with his house.



had a good visit with ootah's mom yesterday. She is so grateful that ootah and merdith will be with saints, it was good to see. can't be easy to let go of such good friends. thank goodness for saints.


Hi Carol,
Please call me after you have been to see the old lab, I have a soft spot for oldies at MAC.



Welcome Ootah! I met him a couple of times, he's a sweetie. He's going to miss the buddy he has now, hopefully he'll have a pal soon. Maybe Al? He could be my new barn buddy, he knows livestock!

Looking forward to meeting Meridith! This should be interesting at feed times. :)