Rescue Journal

i know dawn is waiting to hear about the trip to MAC

Carol  ·  Jan. 8, 2010 there wasn't just one dog...there are 3 dogs.

the old yellow lab is 14 and quite crippled with arthritis plus his nails are so long, he can't walk very well. i suspect he is probably somewhat incontinent just because of the damage to hips and spine, but i don't know for sure yet. he has a very nasty back foot...maybe from over licking due to a combo of arthritic and too long of nails pain. he is doing a lot of panting...might just be anxiety or might be underlying cardiac disease. he is already home at saints and doing very well. we have named him myles (because he has a lot of miles on him!) and he is a very lovely and sweet dog....came in and after a few minutes of hestitation, decided that everything was good in his world. mr total tail wagging buddy!

then there is an old of the tallest i have seen. he is very, very bony and very, very thin. he also is lame and a bit weak in the back end and has some not good looking masses on his forelegs. he is a beautiful boy. his impound is not up until the 10th. i took him over a karunda bed and told the staff if they can get himn into the vets, we will sponsor his medical care until we know what is up with him and if he will eventually be adoptable...if not, when we have room we can move him over here. he also is a very lovely dog...sweet natured, not sure if he is good with other dogs or cats as he is in the kennels still.

and finally there is mr grumpy. a very old and crippled maybe rotti/shepx who was going to be euth'd as soon as his holding period is up on sunday. he has a very nasty looking shoulder mass...probably an osteosarcoma. his front leg on the same side as the mass is useless and he is dragging it. he is dirty and matted, i think i saw some old sores under his matts but maybe it is just dried on poop. and he is a bit of a biter. ok to walk near and feed treats to, but a serious snapper if you want to do anything at all to look in his ear for a tattoo. i feel badly for him..i am sure he is in a great deal of pain which could naturally contribute to his grumpiness and irritability with strangers handling him. i took him back a big pillow bed cuz i don't think he can get up on a karunda. i left the staff some really good pain meds to see him thru the weekend.
my plan is to switch things around here a bit on saturday and sunday to find him a safe and soft place to rest where no one has to worry about getting bitten but me. and then bring him home...get him vet checked on the off chance that the mass is just a lypoma pressing on a nerve...cuz that is easily fixable. and if sadly he is a truly end stage cancer dog...stuffing his face with pain meds and pizza, giving him really soft and comfy beds and then letting him go from here instead of the pound.

if it was me and i was him..grumpy or not, i think i would prefer the saints alternative death if possible.
if his owners don't claim him by the weekend..i will pick him up on monday and bring him home.

and that was my trip to animal control today...the mission strays so lucky because the staff there are amazingly kind and caring.



Cause Nelson already lives with me..ask Lana & Laura how much fun he can be.


I will be out to SAINTS on Sunday to talk about Myles if that is ok with you.



Hey Carol what's your email address? Don't worry I don't have any dogs for you :) Rae