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here is how you get to the video that virginia sent me

Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2010



What a wonderful tribute to SAINTS and to Daphne. Thank you for such a beautiful video.


I can see it now from Cameron post-Thank you. It is wonderful and I've watched it 5 times already... I see Gwen is in there too !


mo i don't know how to do that..i will set it up for you to watch here tomorrow..maybe nicole can figure out how to burn it on a disk for you???


For those having difficulties viewing the link try this:

1) Highlight and then copy the link

2) Open a new internet browser session.

3) Paste the link in the address bar at the top of the page.

4) Press enter on your keyboard.


Waaaaaaa I can't get it to work.. Carol will you forward the E-mail to me cuz I can watch ones that other people E-mail me


Wow. That was really beautiful. I lasted till mid way, then the tears. Happy tears though!


OMG that is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much Virginia for your creativity and sharing with us all. What an amazing song that goes so well with capturing the essence of Saints. This needs to be permanetly put on our website for all to view.


I had to load an ActiveX program to see the video - if you have popups blocked you might not see the message to download the player.
Great slideshow!