Rescue Journal

sometimes it is just the simple things...

Carol  ·  Jan. 10, 2010

we quit making cole wear a warm sweater...and cole quit crying all the time.
we moved doris out of the house into the medical room and doris is now happy again.
we bought frodo his very own trailer and frodo is glowing with good feelings....

last week we were concerned about monty.....he has been dropping weight and acting sketchy. we took him in to the vets for a check and bloodwork...nothing really obvious showed up but we are still waiting for the bloodwork results.

from the moment i moved reggie to the dog rooms, all of the cats have been more relaxed. pat the cat was thundering around and playing with winter and the monty i know and love is back again. he is back out into the computer room, hanging out on my chest...digging his freaking sharp nails into my skin. he rubbed against myles and swatted rose in the face...all is well in monty's world because that jackass reggie is living some place else.

sometimes i forget about the simple things (like no reggie) that can make life so much better...i will have to remember to start out thinking smaller when figuring things out.

i have to tell you...i am so liking how that trailer is working out for frodo that i am thinking we should open a small dysfunctional animal trailer park here.