Rescue Journal

and another pair of slippers bites the dust....

Carol  ·  Jan. 11, 2010

donny had very bad diarrhea new slippers caught the worst of it....somethings are just not worth washing, they never would have been the same for me again.

getting up in the morning without rubber soled slippers is not much fun...i hate putting boots on the second i wake just seems so industrial work like to have to put on boots to walk to the bathroom...whereas slippers give me the rescuers illusion of being safely at home.

i guess i am going slipper shopping again today. we should add size 9 slippers to our wish list..they are favorites for these guys to eat, to lose, and apparently now to poop on....we are guilty of slipper abuse.

in all honesty...those rubber scuba flipper things are probably really what i need in the mornings....but i don't want to wear those first thing in the morning either....that would be pretty weird.



maybe Crocs?? or some kind of gardening shoe that is comfy but waterproof and not quite up to 'boot' standard :)


LOL. Around my house, we like to say "We can't have nice things" 'cos inevitably nice things will be peed on, pooped on or vomited on.

Once, I had JUST got back to my house after returning a carpet shampooer which got my overly abused area rug all squeaky clean and looking like new again. I had been gone for 15 minutes returning the machine. I walked through my door ready to romp about on my sparkly clean carpet and saw a huge pile of vomit right in the middle of it. I think the cats had thought, "Eeek!! There's some strange smell on our carpet. Some beastly shampoo-like smell that must be destroyed. We know just the thing!" Cut to projectile vomiting.

Oh well, not being able to have nice things means I spend my money on more important treats for the cats. Hmmmm...maybe there's a method to their madness?