Rescue Journal

it was vet day at saints today

Carol  ·  Jan. 11, 2010

colleen came up and we put thru about 17 animals for exams and bloodwork. it took about 3 hours and my mind is mush now but i took down good notes so that was good.

saints welcomes murphy mead...he is a fat little blonde cocker about 11 years old..bad heart, bad teeth, a bad eye but everything else looks far. both of his very senior owners ended up in 2 different hospitals at the very same time. they probably will not make it home again and even if they do, murphy's care is more then they can handle. their family lives in the states and europe so murph needed a place to go to so he came here. he is a very sweet dog.

mr grumpy is not coming...even with the pain meds over the weekend he was still in too much pain so we decided with the MAC staff to just let him go today.

the old dobie is coming tho instead...they will drop him off at our vets tomorrow morning for a check, bloodwork and xrays and we will pick him up from there. he will need a name...something very regal and dignified and gentle (and easy to spell and remember!) if you have any suggestions, please post them thru.

since dawn is waiting for the vet stuff on myles...he needs antibiotics for bad teeth and an enlarge lymph node, pain meds for his arthritis, maybe biopsy and mass removal surgery on his foot (they might take that toe off if it is malignant) but other than that he seems pretty good. (he was GREAT with his bloodwork, he did not even need to be restrained!) i will book him in for the dental after he has a good week of ABX in his system.

it is a very soggy day at saints...yikes...i just remembered...i still have no time to shop today.



That is so great to hear about Myles. I will check in with you later this week to arrange a meet & greet with my two furry beasts! Hopefully Nelson will be a good boy and we can add Myles to our familly.


lol I like Zeus too!!! I remember when I gave a tour in the summer someone suggested/asked about other animals named after greek gods when I introduced Apollo ... be free sweet apollo ... perhaps there will be a new greek god/dog comming to SAINTS.


I met the dobie and he is one big boy! I think we should call him Zeus...he will be our supreme dog instead of supreme god.