Rescue Journal

and don't get me wrong here...

Carol  ·  Jan. 13, 2010

i would not change my life for all the money in the world. i really do love caring for them all..but that love comes from a real understanding and a series of thought out choices that i intentionally made along the way.
i just don't think others dreaming the dream always see the whole picture of what living in large scale rescue truly means.
we have more animals on site than most of the publically funded canadian shelters AND with a smaller budget and a smaller staff...and we only manage that because of our army of dedicated volunteers....and because i am ok with giving up most of my life to everyone here.

there is the good side...seeing charlie do so very well here.....holding rose and knowing that the happiness she feels is a totally new experience for her.

ootah is here....he is a lovely rotti boy..he also would like to go home. and merridith the little goat is finding her way in the barn yard...she would like to go home too. their mom was pretty broken hearted but she is doing the best that she can to ensure that they will be watched over and cared is a hard road for all of them right now. may god grant them all peace and eventual happiness as they all work thru life's recent challenges....and i am glad that saints could be there for them....sometimes we all need a helping hand.

i think in some respects it is a difficult life here for me and for them...but the goodness and kindness that surrounds all of us makes that easier to bear so we can feel the happiness that can be inside of life challenges too.

i think i am a better person because of saints..i think many of the animals are actually better "people" too. (except for reggie and 4lane and phoebe and jesse....sigh, they stayed pretty much the same "people".... they are just happier pains in the ass.)



You are right Carol. It does!...Jack has the same problem...we went to vet few weeks ago (for the third time) and we are going tomorrow again. For a month and some I had to clean his bum 2-3 times a day...he is better now, but still not completely healed. Poor make it easier for him we even let him stay on our couch if he wants... for some reason he doesn't like his own couch anymore!


his diarrhea is better...i haven't heard on his bloodwork yet. he should be good by the weekend.
poor copper, anal gland problems suck!


How is Myles doing? I hope he doing well enough for a home visit this weekend.


just thoght i would mention that copper is in anal gland hell. he is too fat to reach around and even do anything so he is very frustrated. will go back in a week for some morerelief. poor guy. he has lost 1 and a half pounds. yeah copper.


i really hope it works out for myles and dawn. he could not end up in a better place. wishing all the guys that were at the vets good thoughts. hope they will be okay.


who is ootah and meredith. i have my computer back and running again so ;am once more in the loop. looked back but caould not see them mentioned anywhere.