Rescue Journal

i took ootah out to the barn tonight...

Carol  ·  Jan. 13, 2010

he got to spend a bit of time with merridith which he liked, but the thing he liked best was egging edith on in a fake bashing match thru the fence...ok..fake for him...she was hitting the fence hard! anyway, they both enjoyed themselves...edith, proving to the new big dog (and herself) that she was tough and scary... ootah played along and acted startled, all the while his tail was wagging and then he would sneak back up to get her to try bashing him again. too funny.

colleen and i took him down around the pond before i headed back to the house....he liked that.

just a heads up to the weekend barn volunteers....

firstly remember that our current dogs and the volunteer dogs will think of merridith as a new and not known goat and will try to go after her....anyone who even thinks it is to be immediately nailed to the ground by us in utter terror to make them know beyond a doubt that yes she is ours and off limits! no one is to take even one single running step towards her or they will all be after her and i will be really pissed off at a lot of in really big trouble dogs.

and also, use caution at gates.....merridith is EXTREMELY social and cute....and she is a little pushy bugger for slipping thru gates...her rule is...i get to go where ever i want to so excuse me and move, i am in a hurry right now!
she is absolutely adorable in every single way!

lynne...for their intro...see jan 5th or i forget which and i just looked it up!



Ootah is a great dog...full of spunk. Handsome as all get out! A Rotti with his tail there, as it should be...YAY! Very loving and accepting. I would love for him to become Al, Ticket's and my barn buddy during the days.

Meridith is a doll. Sweet sweet little goat. Enjoys being talked to, petted, and told how beautiful she is.

Both really really nice and well tended to animals.