Rescue Journal

i forgot to mention that milly went home with helga as her new foster friend...

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2010

i actually forget to mention a fair amount of things...but milly going home is a big one. she will have helga's computer room all to herself with the hope being that eventually she can join everyone else. yay milly, yay helga! and thx steve for building her a wire door so she can slowly get used to everyone there without feeling too isolated and alone!

with all of the new animals now in and on their way to settling (still not sure what is happening with zues)...i need to get to work on the office, the shop and my van...i only have a few days of vacation left and those areas need cleaning up before i go back to work again.

shadows cough changed last night...sounds like she is accumulating fluid again..i will up her lasix for a few days and see how she does.
donny had a small stroke has messed up his vision somehow. he can still see some things that are large and directly in front of him but i think he has lost most of his peripheral vision right now.
4lane for the very first time in many weeks (since his last stroke)...finally was able to get up on the bed on his own again...that made him very happy.
we are thinking of trialling reggie out in the mp area with dusty and lucky...not sure how that one will go...but it is worth a shot if they like him and he likes it out there..maybe it will work out ok for everyone...i hope.

ok...i still have my personal laundry to fold so i better get at it now.



Whoo Hoo... I bet Milly & Mooch will give each other a run for their money & hopefully all will work out. Who would have thought that the skinny dirty cat that carol brought home would turn out to be this stunning full of life kitty.


That's so awesome for Milly! She is such a great cat and will love being spoiled by Helga.
Also Carol reminder about shavings & wash machine repair.