Rescue Journal

thx for the reminder laura!

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2010

the washer repair guy comes tomorrow...the shavings will be delivered on mon (or tues..i already can't remember)..i would have forgotten AGAIN if not for the reminder so much appreciated!

we also have to put in a new hydro pole...ours is rotten right thru and has been for awhile. was out to hook up colleen's internet so i got another reminder about that dangerous pole from them...sigh..i finally made that call too. they came out and looked at it and will be here on monday (or tuesday...cuz i can't remember that either..i think i have shavings and pole delivery days maybe mixed up.) now there is $1200 that will be absolutely no fun to spend....ah well...i will be glad NOT to have that pole fall down and leave us without power i suppose.

i went looking for large old freezers today...we need 4 or 5....24 or 25 cubic foot ones to store our barn feed...i am done with fighting with the rats...they are utterly obese from the amount of accessible food they help themselves to around here....i am not interested in supporting the self actualization of rodents..hence the freezers. steve cemented in around the plumbing of the dog shower...the cement floor got jackhammered up to put in the plumbing and the buggers knew right away and started tunneling in. that cement will stop them, but they can stiill get in underneath the big shop pull up doors. tricky gluttonous bastards...the last time i saw mama cass slowly waddle across the shop....i swear she weighed at least 6 pounds and i have not seen her for awhile so she may weigh more than that now.
anyway..i may have found one 25 cubic foot freezer, waiting for the confirmation call back...they are very hard to come by...everyone has the smaller ones, they are much more popular....3 or 4 more big ones to track i have time for elusive search and finds.

murph, merridith and ootah are all hanging in like real troopers trying to find their comfort levels here.

reggie is over in the mp building...he likes the room and the toys but says he misses me a lot every time i am over there....please guilt, i am worrying about enough things today.

one more load of my personal laundry and i am all caught up and ready for work again next week. today i scrubbed down my looks very nice and clean in there!

tomorrow, my special attention is to focus...yikes and big time shudder... on the shop....AGAIN.

it seems i spend a good portion of every holiday organizing in the freaking shop....i'd rather put my feet up and read a book.



One more thought on the freezers ... have you talked with the recyle drop-off locations? I'm not sure if anyone can just remove stuff, but for a charity they would probably bend the rules.


About the freezers ..... have you thought of putting an ad in craigslist? Often people are trying to get rid of them there.


oh yeah...AGM/year end...that means i have to get all that stuff together and ready for the accountants too....arghhhhhh! shoot me please..i hate paper crap!!!

myles is good...i really like him a lot...just a nice, sweet, quiet, well behaved, happy doll of a dog who does not bark and actually goes outside on his own to pee...

maybe i should keep him..if you don't want reg or about max???? he is almost the same color at least.


Carol, I have a reminder for you too! Annual general meeting & tax stuff to the accountant.

How is my Myles doing tonight? I went & bought a double leash thingy last night. He is so much like Shakespear, they will be good friends, I hope.