Rescue Journal

good mornin'

Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2010

my upper back and neck...gawd!...are driving me nutz..i am in to the muscle relaxants and my handy dandy electric massage thingy...and nothing is working!

i am becoming an old (and maybe soon, bald) about life sucking!

i really need to listen better and not assume i know what folks are saying to me. yesterday someone was telling me they tried reading the blog but couldn't because it was too upsetting...i thought it was because sometimes the stories here are kind of sad..but it was in fact one of my numerous posts about someone peeing on my bed!

i guess that is pretty sad.

however, folks need to know that i spent several hundred dollars protecting my bed...sheets and blankets are easily washed...mattress's? not so mattress is pristine snow white and clean....despite the occasional old animal leaks. the only real upsetting thing much laundry i have to do....depending on who is still alive and leaking and how soundly they can be a lot on some days.

oh well small price to pay for the joy that they feel in ending their lives safe and happy, on the bed of someone they love, luckily it is a very big bed with very good protective coverings.

i do wonder tho if the leaking is not occasionally intentional...every single one of those bed the changing of the bed...they rock, they roll, they get in, on and under everything and they make the entire process a major creative do you get clean linens on a giant bed with so much happy help?

it is tough...i bet that is why i am so sore.

speaking of pee'ers squirt has just graduated from pee'ing on dogs to people....he lifted his leg on angelina's shoe last week and that little bugger just christened my jacket this morning.
you have to wonder what does go thru that little dog's innocent and mixed up head????

sigh..he is lucky we all adore him...whoever named him squirt got his name absolutely perfect.
ok time for breakfast, more drugs and then there is work to do.



Myles & my crew made it thru the night, he paces and pants just like Estelle. I miss that girl! I thought you said explosive diareah was over, not so much. He is a good boy, had his pills this morning on a cookie w/peanut butter. I am taking the three of them for a walk soom, after I finish cleaning the carpets. :)