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today's pics and stuff

Nicole  ·  Jan. 16, 2010

Bunch of new pics from SAINTS

Frodo's new home:

Frodo at peace on his very own bed:

Gilbert and Pete

The lovely and tiny Meredith

Ootah, isn't he beautiful!!!


Myles, who has gone to Dawn's for a trial/visit.

Our big baby Em

Meghann being slimed by Percy

The following pictures are Meghann vs Pete

And possibly the best picture, Pete looks confused about how meghann's feet are off the ground.

so here's the stuff part.
Shelter Challenge starts Jan 18.
Yes, that's right. All over again it starts. I will try to keep the nagging to a minimum, but the more you vote the less I will nag. That being said this is another reminder - only one vote per person per day. They aren't stupid over there. They audit the votes during the last week of voting, so please legit votes only.

New thing update: if you look up on the right of the blog, you will see a new addition to the yellow side bar titled: "Join our email newsletter" Please join. We will be using the newsletter to send out event information, general saints updates, spotlights on adoptable animals. The first newsletter will be going out in the next few weeks. This will eventually be replacing out mailed out newsletter, except for Christmas. So JOIN JOIN JOIN.

And another reminder that you can find us on facebook where we also list a number of SAINTS events.

And finally my exciting thing for the night.
Clara has been feeling off lately as her mouth has been sore from her stomatitis and she just got her depo injection for it yesterday. So I was lying on my bed saying a quick hello to Buttons and Clara when I first got home from SAINTS today. Buttons was lying on my shoulder with Clara on my stomach and Buttons inched forward and started to groom her. This the cat that batted Clara on the head when he first met and still does when he runs into her (he's blind). I really couldn't believe it. I was waiting for him to bite her or something, but he kept on licking her head.
So lovely.



Lucky Frodo! Lucky SAINTS for having a Rottie as good-looking as Ootah!


i can only have one meathead at a time and shrek is number one in that spot.
i will post murphy's pic later today, i forgot.
did everyone sign up for the enewsletter??
yes? good!


hey that is what i said today. i think nicole just laughed, although i am sure if she could she would. thanks for the pics they are great.


you forgot to post a pic of our new murphy..did you get one today?

frodo's trailer looks great...that thing is 29 years old..hence the carport to keep it healthy for another 20 years cuz we ain't never going to find one as nice and as cheap ever again and frodo does still really loves his new (very old) home....good job steve and randy...thx so much for protecting it for him!!!

the saints animals all look so lovely in your pics today...not wet and drippy..yay for a beautiful sunny day today!!!
yay clara and buttons!