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Carol  ·  Jan. 17, 2010

one of our volunteers did a kind thing. she met a fellow with no place to live and offerred to care for his dog for a bit. that has to be at least 3 months ago and still he has not claimed his dog. now if she had spoken to most of us before she helped this man and his dog, we could have told a her couple of things...(like don't do it)....but most importantly..if you are going to be a kind person and let your soft heart bleed for the troubles of others out there...remember one thing...protect yourself. make the owner sign a written time limited agreement..."i am the legal owner of xxxxxx and i am surrendering xxxxxx to the care of yyyyyyy for a period of ----- days (or weeks) if this dog is not re-claimed by me this date xxxxx, i relinguish all ownership rights and responsibilities and the dog becomes forever the legal property of _________ . add some legal gargon (we have examples of this on our surrender forms) and get it signed, dated and witnessed.

this will protect both you and the dog.

anyway..this particular dog, hanging out in limbo, is a beagle and his name is "cash." he is cute and he is sweet and like a lot of beagles...he is a royal pain in the ass. he has poor social skills and a one track mind. every time we get a new dog in and cash is here, working with his foster mom...he barks and chases and nips the back legs of whoever he is afraid of or doesn't like, which is usually any new guys.

no one is happy...not the dogs, not the humans, not even cash cuz while he is the one being a is because underneath the brave and baying and biting is afraid.

so i spent 15 or 20 minutes yesterday with cash on a leash and a harnass, jerking him back whenever he started tryng to torment ootah.

he is a beagle...very stubborn, very clever but not a rocket scientist by any stretch of the imagination..lunge, bark, jerk back, no!, walking onwards, good dog!

it is boring, mind melting, repetitive, totally non emotional re-programming that has to be done to get him to decide that this is such a freaking relentless, dreary, and utterly boring beagle drag...that he might as well give it up so he can go rabble rouse doing something more beagly entertaining, like bugging the ducks.

i had him on my left side, which is my sore side...and the repetive lunge forward and quick jerk back have in fact greatly helped my neck and upper back. for the first time in almost a week, i did not need muscle relaxants last night. a simple and single advil at bedtime and i am 80% better today.

thx cash..good chiropractic work out yesterday...we are doing it again for both of us today!



dawn you can email it to and i'll be happy to post it.
nicole (eventhough it says my name is info)


Myles is doing really well, I like him alot. He is a very nice dog.
Nicole, can you get me your email address, I have a picture of Myles I would like you to post.