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myles update from his foster mom

Carol  ·  Jan. 19, 2010

he made it thru the day, they pulled five teeth. OUCH! Poor baby, plus they removed that thing on his foot. Then to add insult to injury they sent him home with a cone.. :) He is now back at home resting and looks ok for what has happend to him today.

Tomorrow he can start the rest of his better new life.


Left to right: Nelson, Myles, Shakespear

Happy Myles:



No pressure Nicole! :) Sorry to hear about your crew, sending good thoughts your way.


sorry, yes i got it and will post it.
work has been nuts and so has our house: emme has acute pancreatitis and has turned yellow and shrek maybe/probably has some kind of cancer on his foot.


Big Smiley face on me right now, I fell in love with him instantly & am thrilled that he is with Dawn... cuz then we get regular updates & even get to see him once in a while. Whoo Hoo now if I can get the winning ticket on the 649.. I am good for the day.


He is so sweet, I am think I am in love! He brings really goood energy to my pack. He already looks better this morning.

Nicole where is the picture I sent you?


Yay for Myles! He is such a sweet boy. Enjoy your new life with your brothers Shakespeare & Nelson. Thanks Dawn for giving a great home to another Saint.


getting rescued sucks intially gets better once all of the neglected tune up stuff gets done.
thx dawn for getting him in so quick....don't forget his cartrophen inj. here on saturday.