Rescue Journal

whew..the shop is neat and tidy again

Carol  ·  Jan. 19, 2010

and i am totally bagged right out and sore....not a great way to end ones holidays. and i am totally tired of spending a portion of my vacation several times a year, cleaning that shop. there has to be a way to keep it more organized for longer periods of time. sadly we have a huge dump run from my efforts and steve is off relaxing on a mexican beach....i will try to shove all of that shit into my van on my next day off cuz i was too tired to wrestle it all again today.

i gave one quick tour today to a woman who needs a 3 month placement for her very old illness..i would really like to help her, the dog is lovely..but i said to try every possible avenue first because we really are still too full...i think after being here, she understood what that really meant.

our used washer crapped out in the shop...the repair guy said no point in fixing...we blew the motor and the transmission...oh yay..we murdered another washer again. the good news is a very kind person donated a new washer and dryer for the house so we moved the old (not that old...maybe 6 months?) set over to the shop and the new set was delivered and set up today....apparently with our first load thru... the dryer dries really slow...this is not a very good thing. hopefully we just have not figured out how to use it right yet.

this new dog murphy, really is just the sweetest thing. with daphne 1's loss, he brought our cocker component back up to three. all of them are absolutely lovely..shadow, donny and murph...i am turning into a cocker freak. Yike! four...i forgot nina!!!

frodo enjoyed me working in the shop..i worked, he watched...i would have liked the watching part too.

gideon had a nasty fall today...lahannie was being a a hurry to get to the hay, he startled gideon who tried to get out of his way..he fell..hit his shoulder against the loafing shed...he seems ok but lahannie is still a jerk.

well i guess i better drag this sorry old butt, out to the barn...not fair to leave the bedtime all to colleen...but oh it is tempting!



Lahannie is not a jerk. He's a big gorgeous horse that is insecure. ( I keep telling myself that because I am in love with the big oaf ) And Gideon has the heart of a saint. I am positive he forgives him.

Leaving the barn guys to me at bedtime is always and forever okay with me. If I could squish me and my dogs out there I'd be bedding down in there every night. :) Have I told you lately how much I freaking LOVE my job?