Rescue Journal

well ya haven't heard me whining about money lately

Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2010

and that is because with the xmas donations and the recent fundraisers we did ok. yesterday i paid off the other 5000 dollars we wracked up in vet bills SINCE xmas (ouch!) we got our new power pole in today..the liability insurences are paid for the year, the receiver general is paid for a few weeks at least, the hay and shavings sheds are full and we can meet the next 4 weeks of payroll.
after that who freaking knows..the donation dry season starts...jan-may, til the plant sale by our SGA's, we operate on a hope and a prayer. the pub night in march will bring in a bit to keep us going and if we win the shelter challenge again, that is another thousand to help us along..but trust me, the freaking out whining will soon start again.

but at this moment in time...right now..i just want to say..i am so very thankful for all of the help thus far and for finishing off last year to today at least, totally debt and worry free.
(of course the second i post this..something expensive will break down or some crises will hit because murphy and his stupid law just can't stand for you to be happy!)
thanks helped frodo finally find his own forever happy house, a lot of recent new ones get their much needed surgeries... yuki, lilly, toni, spot, and myles. plus you helped donny with his eye, 4lane with his strokes, felix, shadow, and max with their hearts, all the other crippled ones with their pain meds to be comfortable and their vet trips for one thing or another, and you helped our much missed daffy and apollo with their end of life care.

ripples in the pond... a little bit of kindness goes a really long gently fans out to touch many lives.



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