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rescue fraud

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2010

i rarely care what other rescues are up to. what i do care about is using the "RESCUE" word to collect donations and legitimize a second hand animal brokering business.

how can you know? it is damn the public animal controls and spca's... find out if their animals end up there and if they are re-claimed by the "rescue". shitty placements end up with great frequency in other shelters..find out how much real committment is actually demonstrated (not just talked or written about) to the animals they claimed to have saved.

three types of people go into "rescue"....those looking for wings and halos, (angel power)..... those looking for easy money and those stupid or crazy enough to try to make things better for homeless animals out there. the first and second groups may make money and may for awhile get to wear wings until their real stripes start to show.
the third group will go broke, and go even nuttier fighting an ongoing battle they are destined to lose.

watch out for the con artists, the liars and the out for the ones that make the rescuer into a sleezy used animal salesperson.

animal exploitation occurs not only out in the real abounds in the fake rescue world too...make sure you see the reality for the animals and not the just the pretty speeches and websites..the animals require we see the truth.

i believe god is watching and seeing what we do..good luck on judgement day..i think god loves his innocent little creatures and anyone who uses them in "rescue" for profit or gain are pretty much royally and eternally screwed.



I also will tolerate a lot - if rescues do things out of ignorance but the number two reason Carol mentioned is really pissing me off right now.