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we have gone past the millionth hit on the blog

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2010

this is not unique hits (41+k unique)..but the grand total..and not sure if this counts the thousands of spam hits that askimet filters out for us...but a million anything is worth noting. the only million anything else i am likely to see in my lifetime is flies...and i don't like them much.

i think i found the GI bleed culprit..there was just him and 4lane on the floor last night..4lane looks healthy, donny does not. we have had both of them on rantitidine just in we can add flagyl and sulcrate. but i do think donny is a terminally ill dog, he has that unmistakable cancer appearence to him, altho he is still happy and comfortable enough to want to eat puke. anyway..can't fix it so not looking, donny is too old, now we move onto good symptom control.

he is such a sweet boy with horrible taste...cockers and beagles..indiscriminate food freaks...they will eat anything, almost.

i slept really well last night 9pm-5 am undisturbed..what a concept. back on regular dayshifts today, early shifts are done..yay.

heads up to today's volunteers...cole's stools are loose so easy on the treats for him today. it is ok for ootah to spend the day out in the barn with mo if he would like to....just watch jess and al with him, they are both kind of pushy around him.

lucky does not want to go for walks right now so she can just go out in her yard if that is all she wants to do...don't let anyone force her to walk if she doesn't want too.

it amazes me how many things deaf dogs think they can hear that requires them to bark in is 6 am one but you and me are here right now!

see everyone at lunch today, it is going to be another beautiful day so enjoy and have fun!



With so many hits would you consider putting ads on your blog for rescue revenue? Not sure how it all works but one of your readers might.. Worth a shot?


Glad to hear Millie has found her home. After all she has been through she deserves a great place to settle into.


unique doesn't include spam, but the big number includes all the spam bots/web crawler stuff.
the unique counts people's total of visits as it's the unique day visits added together.


millie a.k.a as li'l fuzzy is enjoying the gorgeous day too. she's been loose out and about for hours at a time these past few days and han't killed anyone yet. loves hanging out on the kenneled-in deck area.