Rescue Journal

yeah ok...not.

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2010

the suggestion was made that instead of having to raise 2k not to shave my head..we raise 2 k not to have phoebe tattoo'd on my body.

veto to that..
A. i do not want the little red whirling wonder permanently engraved in my flesh.
B. i am adverse to unnecessary blood, pain and suffering inflicted on ones self for pretty much any reason IF another solution will work as well.
and C. i am a nurse and over the years i have seen many really nasty post tattoo infections and post tattoo hepatitis, both of which i am good to live without.

the save my hair thing, even if it doesn't work out and i do end up shaving cuz we don't raise temporary. and while it may hurt me emotionally and make me will not endanger my life or my health so guess what i pick? (safety first!)

the reason i actually think the save my hair campaign is somewhat relevant to what i do is.... because i do what i have to do for these guys even if i don't want to (with some thoughtful consideration of options.) and we do need money to care for them, so how can i personally help with that?
none of them ever had anyone willing to lay their entire quality of life on the line on a day after day basis...i give up my home, i give up my dinner, i give up my privacy and my peace. and while the hair loss is temporary..don't tell me it is an easy thing to do when you really don't want to...cuz i don't want to...but i will to help raise money for them.

when i think of all the hundreds of reasons and excuses that people use to walk away or not care for their animals..i am thinking not many of them walked right to the very last line....a few did..homelessness, illness and death. but most just spewed out the varied all too familiar reasons and took the easy out....animals neglected, animals gone...not their fault...really? the going got tough and the weak took a walk.

right this very second...cole is sound asleep on his yoga mat bed...squirt is laying against him with cole's neck as a pillow for his head. molly is laying next to squirt..her chin is resting against his foot...all three, sound asleep, comfortable and content...all of them loved deeply...despite cole's and molly's incontinence, despite that squirt pees on people, animals and things...despite that molly is kind of ugly and old and now in his crippled old age with his shaved butt, so is cole....despite the cost of their medical care and how much laundry they produce ....despite that squirt is so scared of strangers that he hides in terror and sometimes seizures when his fear gets out of control....despite all of that and much more too.

who stood at the line for those three? anyone, anyone at all?...not that i can see, not til they were rescued...then they felt the power of true caring...forever, no matter what, they will get whatever it is that they need.
(except a tattoo for me....the risk of my baldness is better and just as effective and a helluvalot safer for me!)



I think you should reconsider a small Phoebe tattoo. It's a pretty good idea, with or without the fundraiser.


Yesterday when i visited the inside guys,I told molly how beautiful she looked ( she has a lot of hair now ) and she was also very perky with a waggy tail & scooting around the living room, she has a special place in my heart.. i love that dog


lol is in the eye of the beholder...we all think molly is adorable...but at first glance, most other people don't!..i am sorry i didn't get to see czar smiling...yay pops!!!


Awwww, what a nice visual you gave....Molly, Cole and Squirt.

Not sure what went on with Czar today, but he looked like a real happy camper at dinner time! Very nice to see him smiling. ( or maybe he's feeling better because of the Recoverex?)