Rescue Journal

we added a new family member to the saints motley crew

Carol  ·  Jan. 25, 2010

we welcome "buddy"..i guess we will call him "bud" to cut down on the multiple buddy confusion.
bud is a 13 year old JRT with separation anxiety. he has had a lot of change in the past couple of years, first his dad passed away and he and his mom moved into a condo, then they were asked to leave the condo cuz bud whined continuously while she was at work. next they moved into a basement suite where they have been asked to leave again because of bud's relentless crying.
he is a sweet and sensitive dog and very obese. he is along the lines of copper and les in the extra girth department..i don't believe i have ever seen such a big JRT.

i don't think saints was what he had in mind when he was crying for some company..but we are what he got, so we will try our best to help him find happy.

rose has bloody diarrhea today and there are a few others with loose stools again. i am thinking that it is the "lean cuts" canned food they have been getting...the loose poop looks pretty similar to that. i am pulling it off of the shelves and packing it away today so no one else gets any and we will see if things firm up a bit once that particular canned food goes away.

ootah is out of the laundry area...he is helping me write this morning. ooof goes my typing finger as his giant head shoves my elbow high in the air. i keep having to go back and fix the spelling mistakes that he makes., yet again...we are the house at pooh corner except the pooh is in puddles and not piles which will make for a shitty couple of days.

just where i wanted to spend my 2 days diarrheaville...can't ya hear our song in your head? (think 'margaritaville!')...someone should bastardize a bunch of music lyrics and we could put on a musical of saints to raise money!



Cleaning away in diarrheaville
Searching for my lost container of bleach
Some people claim there's an illness to blame
All I know is my rags are in reach...