Rescue Journal

the day ended ok

Carol  ·  Jan. 26, 2010

archie settled and got his vision back, doris quit puking, sissy went to bed to sleep thru her grief, little big bud got me to touch him a lot. and daphne, chica and suzie had an hour long lick our face fest between the three of them. i protected felix from sweet murphy's giant feet..he doesn't see little frail dogs when he is cuddle seeking.

the only heart racing thing was waking up at midnight and discovering no donny. he had gone outside to pee and in his almost blindness and the dark, he couldn't find the way back in. he was sleeping out in the dog tent/house set up for just that kind of emergency. luckily he had his sweater on but he was still cold. i brought him back in and closed the doggy door so he couldn't wander out and get lost again....poor boy.

we laid in bed and watched "the bodyguard" twice til we fell asleep.....i am not sure why they run it over and over on tv but it saved me from the effort of channel surfing.



When he's not running for cover he is a love bug, loves to have his belly rubbed and tries to burry his head in my lap if I am sitting & quiet. His tail wags all the time and he love his brothers. I think he may have put on a few pounds and he LOVES to go out for walks. His age and physical condition mean nothing to him at walk time, it's go time. Like he's on a mission. I will keep telling him he is safe and loved, cause he is. Thank you again Carol for saving him and letting him come & live with me, I am truly blessed to have him.


probably not...but you will learn not to raise your voice or move too fast....he will teach you well.
poor boy, such an utterly sweet dog.


My day ended sad, not for me but sad for Myles. Someone hurt him in his past, this I just don't understand. He is a great dog! If I move too fast, speak loudly, bring my hand to fast to his face he runs for cover. This is horrible considering his back end does not work very well and this usually causes him to fall. Please tell me he will get over this with time cause he is breaking my heart.