Rescue Journal


Sheila  ·  Jan. 27, 2010

We are having a Pub Night
When: March 20th
Time: Still working on that due to a Canucks Hockey Game on same date but for now it is 5:30PM
Where: Fox's Reach Pub and Grill
Address: 300-20398 Dewdney Trunk Road Maple Ridge
Ticket Availability: You can purchase at SAINTS or through Paypal (please ensure that you make a note the purchase is for a ticket to the pub night)

There will be a 50/50 raffle, a toonie toss and a silent auction.
But we wanted to raise money that would be a little bit more fun. So my conversation with Carol started off as something like "you know how people shave their heads to fundraise ..." and she said "You want me to shave my hair" and I said "no... it's an example and somewhere in the conversation I said "you mean you really would shave your head" and so an idea was born ... with much conversation, opinions, Carol thinking can I loose my hair... And the big conversation piece was should we raise money to have her shave her head or to have her not shave her head. Carol believes that people love her enough to want to save her hair and well I disagree with her...which I do often. And as you read the rules of the fundraiser you will see who got her way and who didn't. So prove me wrong and donate like crazy.

So here is the fundraiser
1.We are attempting to raise $2000 in effort for Carol not to have to shave her head at 7 PM on March 20th at the Pub Night

2. Carol and her volunteers' will be soliciting funds to save her hair. We will be keeping our donation total a secret from each other until the evening of the pub night so none of us will know until that evening (when we tally the totals) that we have achieved our goal.

3. If you would like to donate through paypal please do so and please leave a note saying "Save Carol's Hair so we can make sure we add your donation into the total

4. Carol is not allowed to donate to the cause to save her hair.



thank you leila...sheila might love me too but she will get great joy with the thought of me losing my hair! (but....she did promise to buy me a wig for work so that was kind of her too!)