Rescue Journal

see the couple of emails below...they support of my theory of animal to animal deep bonding post!

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2010

squeakers has had a REALLY tough time of it...we agreed to take him a few weeks back as a last resort. apparently the squeaky wheel is calling the shots....both he and his best friend in the world are coming to saints.....self actualizing cats...good thing their rescuer human can hear them.

Hi Carol
> Well it appears I have a big problem regarding Squeaky and
> Hymi...why do things have to get so darn complicated???
> Hymi went to her new home the other day, and today I'm having to
> pick her up and return to my vet's office as she has basically
> "shut down". She has been in hiding, has not eaten, drank
> or pooped since she arrived. She is completely depressed.
> Squeaky is still at the vets, he now is not eating the same, not
> sleeping as he was and spends his day at the kennel door
> meowing. God it's heartbreaking. Carol they have
> been together for about 15 years, and I don't know if Hymi is
> going to survive the loss of Squeaky. We should know today
> what happens as we are going to put them back together to see if
> they come around. I will let you know what happens. :(

Hey Carol
I just got in from the vets. Well all I can say is you should change their names to Claire and Edwin...the reunion can only be described by this song, perhaps you know it by Kathy Mattea.

It was heartwarming and incredible to see. Their problem was missing each other. As soon as they had said their hello's we put food in the kennel and they both ate immediately like there was no tomorrow.

Today there are angels at work and you are one...thank you for offering to take them both.

Just to let you know, she had dental surgery beginning of last week and the extraction sites did look a little inflamed so my vet is giving her a shot of Convenia.

I confirm with the airlines on Sunday as the cargo company has to get permission to ship two cats in the same crate, but I'm sure it won't be a problem. The flight info is still the same.

If you let me know your vet office I will have all their records forwarded on so you can see what we've done to date. I will also send on their microchip info to you with a letter transferring guardianship.


i so love stories where lowly, helpless, sick, little cats make the whole god darn world jump thru hoops to keep them happy.

welcome to saints squeaky and got the whole idea down pat...looking forward to meeting you both on monday, don't worry too much on the plane ride, you will have a deluxe suite together, forever, upon your arrival.



Such a sad story ending with me having a GREAT BIG SMILE on my face!!!! Please give a great big welcome hug to Squeaky and Hymie for me.


I find it heartbreaking domestic pets are so dependent on us humans recognizing their deep love for each other. When my male dog Max died my female dog Friskie laid on his grave for a couple of days. Nobody can tell me she wasn't grieving for her lost love.
Why do we think we are the only creatures who can feel love and great loss....come to think about it we humans don't have a very good record in this area. Maybe we should pay closer attention and follow their lead.