Rescue Journal

Sparkles update and photos

Nicole  ·  Jan. 31, 2010

Sparkles is still colicking. Maureen just had the vet come out again and Sparkles got some more drugs.
Carol is home for a bit. Please keep good thoughts going for Sparkles, the vet is really worried she might not make it.

Not being insensitive to the urgent matter at SAINTS, but Carol is making me post pictures.
Barking Babies is a dog store in Yaletown, that has continued to spoil us at SAINTS.
At Christmas they had a fundraiser and asked their customers to bring a gift for saints. I picked up the boxes last week and Reggie helped me unpack them and I (with Jenn's help) dressed up some of the SAINTS dogs.

Buddy, the new, giant JRT

Reggie at the start of the unpacking in his old ratty sweater

Reggie's new amazing tracksuit, with appropriate skull and crossbones

All the amazing gifts, thank you Barking Babies customers

Reggie checking out all the goods

Lucky quickly stole a rabbit to chew on, plus she nibbled on two of the beds without me seeing her.

Dusty found a tennis ball

Daphne in an amazing sequin number

Squirt in a monkey sweater, wishing he hadn't barked at me!

Molly, sleeping so peacefully

And just for fun:
My two donkeys



Thanks Nicole i needed something to smile about, praying sparkle makes it through this. hope your guys are good too

crap that squirt is cute & wouldn't you know it, he was going to come out for a walk with Carol & I around the pond early this morning, right when it became apparent Sparkle was in trouble.. so back into the house they all went, I so wanted to see him enjoying the world .


Thanks for some GREAT photos!

Loving thoughts for Sparkles.

It's been a rough week at/for Saints.