Rescue Journal

update on sparky

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2010

they had to call the vet out again late this afternoon, she was trying to go down again. i came home..the vet tried to re-tube her but her stomach has not cleared the electrolyes and mineral oil he put in this morning. he said it is looking like a small bowel colic...not good news. he gave her more medication and left us with a sedative if she needs, but if she goes down again he said it is probably the end.
i have his cell phone number just in case.
mo and laura have left. i will watch her over the next couple of hours and colleen will take over for me when i run into maple ridge to drop off my work cell phone and pager.

thx for the pics nicole....we needed something to take our minds off of worry for a moment or two.



Please Sparkle get better. I'm hoping, wishing, and praying that she makes it through the night.