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What is animal rescue?

Sheila  ·  Feb. 2, 2010

This you tube video asks the question what is the purpose of animal rescue.


Jane Stanley

This is horrible...and all too familiar. Thanks for posting here. It is now on my Facebook page.

Pat Beaucamp

This is absolutely horrific! No home visit, no follow-up, no real caring. How traumatic for those poor little souls - she might as well be selling toy or stuffed animals! Pet Smart should receive zillions of calls.
Didn't Langley council begin the process of not allowing the sale of puppies in pet stores? Am going to call their business dept and ask how that is going! Could be the start of shutting down %$# puppy mills if successful and spreads to other municipalities.


No big suprise there ... as the dogs she "rescued" were flooding the local shelters ... I am glad someone has exposed her. It is the dogs which are the victims in all of this ... I wish brokering dogs was illegal.


That video was posted last night on Craigslist but was only there for about two minutes before somebody flagged it.


i have trying to decide what if anything i wanted to say specifically about this video since i saw it yesterday. for the last few weeks i have been speaking in general terms about how "rescue" is a word that can mean different things to diffeent folks. the public thinks it is one thing...i as "rescue" believe it is something else...and a broker or a middleman maybe interpet the word a lot looser than anyone else. so..i guess i will post on this fromn my perspective to answer the question that both the video and sheila ask.