Rescue Journal

honestly...why do people even bother sending these kind of emails...they accomplish...what???

Carol  ·  Feb. 3, 2010

"just to let you know the FBI have been notified of your criminal harassment activities would you like a fruit basket sent to your bed in your new long term care medical treatment facility

what the heck is this supposed to mean? it is bad enough sending out this kind of crap but i would at least like to know what criminal harassment activities i can expect the promised fruit basket for...and the FBI has an office in canada????....huh????

lol... i love opening my email some boggles the brain.



"not to worry tracey..i never reply to this kind of thing…what do you say anyway?…thx for your email, have a nice day?…"

OK... now I have to clean coffee off of my computer screen :)


sheila thinks someone thinks i made that video she posted...not my style..i don't have time for secret covert activities..i like the direct approach..just fire off an email and tell folks to clean up their acts.

not to worry tracey..i never reply to this kind of thing...what do you say anyway?...thx for your email, have a nice day?...i have no idea what someone expects back from something like this so i don't send anything back.

but just in case it is related to the video and not just some loonie spammer thing, i will save the email and the ip address in case we need it down the road for something.


Some spammers and phishers send out these types of emails designed to evoke a reply. Once you reply, they know your email is legit. Now your addy can be sold to a bunch of other spammers.

It obviously has nothing to do with SAINTS or you... ignore it. Report it to your ISP's Spam Alert (if they have one) and save it just in case.


Reading that, someone is threatening physical violence against you. I think you should call the police and report it. They can find out who sent it and deal with it.