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new guys

Nicole  ·  Feb. 3, 2010


squeaky and hymi

so adorable

sorry i didn't get pics of Kodi or the 2 that arrived today.

A quick save the date.
Mandatory Volunteer meeting Saturday Feb 27th. more details coming shortly.

Reminder to vote in the shelter challenge (big purple button to your right)
And tomorrow (Friday) night is SUMMIT, Shrek is officially the door boy/dog. He will absolutely be in heaven.



What beautiful faces! Lynn, I'm leting you know that I will be at SAINTS on Saturday this weekend (not Sunday). You asked me to let you know in the "comments" section, so I am. I already emailed Carol. See you then. Oh, a few of my friends saw Zoe on the News and commented on what a good job she did. They know I come to SAINTS so their ears perked up when they heard of the fundraiser. I didn't see it, but am glad others did. Thanks Zoe.


What is the story with Squeaky and Hymi? How old are they and are they adoptable or permanent Saints?

Francesca Wilson

What wonderful pictures. Also just wanted to mention Zoe that you were so great on Global TV. I got up to watch. You were articulate and looked terrific. Good for you.


anytime you want to write reams virginia just to get it all out...go ahead. i am sure all of us would be greatly interested in a different type of rescues perspective on daily rescue in the rest of the world...nicole can take a very long comment and cut and paste it into a post. most of us are pretty far away from the world of TNR, it is one we would be interested in visiting too.

the same offer is open for any other rescuers here who would like to share what they do. writing about it is great therapy too!


awesome this bittersweet world of loving and letting go...I'm giving thanks everyday that I found you guys. I know in my heart that Squeaks and Hymi will be fine, so I can move forward like we all do, to continue to do our work. My work is an ongoing battle against people who would rather see community cats killed or deprived of shelter and food in hopes that they will move away...when all they need is a little bit of real estate, shelter, food and a passing "hello". Anyway, I could write reams at the risk of taking over your blog Carol...I'll shut-up. Just one last word...Thanks!


thx for the pics..all three of them..squeaks, hymi and murph are totally great!! and thx for leaving the dvd of zoe on global today!!! she did an awesomne job, yay zoe! hope all goes really well tomorrow too!!