Rescue Journal

quick news report..maybe later i will write something better (or not!)

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2010

at 14 years old, tyra is still an idiot. today she was counter surfing and ate a box of beef flavored cardiac meds....she had her stomach pumped this afternoon....oh yay tyra..i bet that was fun eh?

anyway...the reason i actually do love my dog so much is because tyra marches to her own drum. i used to try to make her march to mine...three years of dog obedience, fully off leash and hand signal trained...and she hated every second of it ....not cuz i was mean...hey, i was progressive way back then, i was always the only one in the class who absolutely refused to use a choke chain.

but the reason she hated it is because...tyra does not like to be told what to do...she will comply because she is a very good dog..but there were other things that she would rather do that were way more fun. it took me three freaking years to figure out that the reason she hated obedience class was because it was utterly too stupid for her....she always was in the top of each class but only because i asked her to.
now if she could have joined a soccor team, she really would have enjoyed that A LOT!....sorry life i will know better.
anywho...tyra is the epitome of self actualization....altho today she self actualized herself into puking her guts out and having charcol shoved down her throat.

other news....

colleen said that czar is still really missing sparkles.
kodi actually got kind of happy and perky when i came home for lunch today.
max and mandy's blood work is back..mild to moderate kidney and liver disease. they are however cleared for their much needed dentals if i bring them in the night before to pump them up with IV fluids.

their surgery is booked for mid-next week.

new incoming and then we are full again. esther is an old and crippled shepherd cross coming from the spca. i feel bad that i only can take in one right now but kodi, max and mandy have taken up the spots that were free.

that is the news tonight, i feel somewhat icky..i am taking some gravol and going to bed so i can get thru my last shift tomorrow.



Myles' foot is still ozzing, can you please bring home iodine and I will see you around 10:30 on Saturday after the vet appointment. Other than that he is one happy boy, did I tell you he put on two pounds so far. His most favorit time of the day is the car ride to the track for our walk, he is very curious about the world and seems to take it all in as we pass along. So sweet.