Rescue Journal

the power of one

Carol  ·  Feb. 5, 2010

shitty night sleep last night. when i got home from work, i noticed our 2 new little lhaso's were not quite as cheerful as they were when i left. max was outright traumatized...he put his foot on a wet spot on the towel and he screamed. someone accidently brushed against him and he screamed again. hmmmm...are you sick? are you hurt? what is the matter with you honey????

he laid down to try to sleep but he was trembling...i am watching him carefully. and then i see that deaf doornob 4lane sneak up behind max and pretend to chew his butt (4lane doesn't actually really bite but no one told that to the poor new dog.) ahhhh...the little pointy, wobbleheaded, feeble brained fiend has scared our sweet little new one....bad 4lane!

i made 4lane sleep out in the entranceway and i closed the door to phoebe's crate so she didn't actually hurt him during the night. i thought maybe max would feel safer with 4lane out of the room. and i thought maybe 4lane would be nervous around phoebe and get a safe taste of his own medicine.

wrong again. 4 lane proceeded to attack phoebe thru the wire door of her crate. and then he proceeded to attack kodi thru the wire door to the kitchen. so there is that wobble headed pointy fool wobbling from crate to door inciting a riot.

both kodi and phoebe had a blast trying to kill the little bastard..they both enjoyed getting all revv'd up for a fight. ..and i was trying to sleep. i tried yelling at 4lane to knock it off but of course 4lane is deaf. i had to disturb the bed buddies like 50 million times to get out of the bed and open the door and wag my finger in that wobblehead's nose to get him to shut up and knock it off for a couple of minutes at a time.

finally around 3 am they were all tuckered out and finally slept.

there was shit everywhere when i got up. 4lane plastered the entranceway....kodi plastered the kitchen and computer room with over excited runny pooh.
AND on top of it all...the stimulation of a good fight for a cattledog has woken up the sleeping dragon within. kodi was bugging the cats this morning, kodi was mouthing off at jewel...kodi was no longer sulking in a corner. kodi and his renewed cattledog power were out in full view.

sometimes 4lane, i swear..i almost hate little pointy wobbleheaded dog turned the whole freaking house upside down....oh the power of one....and now with kodi awake and happening, we now have the power of two.

(max and mandy have moved out of my bedroom and into the kitchen and computer room...there are nicer dogs in there and no wobbleheaded morons....and kodi i fear is moving into my bedroom/big dog room where there aren't any cats....oh yay...4lane and kodi...the 2 old fools, will be together in the very same rooms.)



Lordy lordy. What a crappy sleep time and a.m. for you.

Get a trailer the size of that big white one in the driveway beside here, and park it across from Frodos way cool new digs. Large enough for you and 10 or so bed buddies. :)

Czar had a lot less anxiety today. Still hung around the back of the barn peering in, but not so much as yesterday. Lahanie gave himself a mud bath today. That horse looks homeless. Gideon as usual, looks handsome, clean and noble. I made a seriously large error yesterday in letting Emily see where I keep small pieces of apples and carrots. My pockets are now magnets to her. Now I have a big spoiled calf asking much as a spoiled calf can....for moooooooooorre please Colleen!