Rescue Journal

saints welcomes esther

Carol  ·  Feb. 6, 2010

she is an old shep cross with crappy teeth and really gawd awful skin...but she is so adorably lovely....except she is currently laying on her bed and staring at me and growling..which seems a bit weird to me.....i think she is a growly groaner communicator like tyra (at least i hope she is...always so hard to figure them out the first couple of days til we both get used to each other.)
thx brenda and laura for the much needed TLC and bath...she smells and looks so much better.

i have a couple of stories to tell but i am sore and tired and want a hot bath. if i can still remember today tomorrow...i will write about today's stuff then.

editted at add...esther apparently growls when she has to really pee badly! funny girl....empty bladder, no more growling.



Growls when she has to pee? Think she's just quirky that way or that she could have a bladder infection or some such?


Here are some pics I took up at SAINTS yesterday ... here is a link to a pic of Esther

(otherwise I posted them on the SAINTS facebook group-- see button the right called "find us on facebook")


she certainly seems like a lovely old dog and she seemed quite content to be here already. welcome esther and welcome snarly old kody who wants to be the boss, but very cute.