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why am i awake so early on a day off???

Carol  ·  Feb. 6, 2010

cuz when 16 yr old new dogs start calling out questioningly at whatever the time the clock get the heck up....(good mornin' mandy)... max is still sound asleep. trying to put my thinking cap on to write something of at least some interest to me, cuz if i can't then i might as well start working around here...and sorry but my body says it is way too early to move out of this chair.

since that whole good, not good, real rescue or not, rescue thing is still in the forefront of discussion out there..maybe i will think on what makes a rescue....healthy. we all know there are some unethical, not real rescues out there...but there are also some ethical ones who do a good job but aren't really healthy.

there is the physical health financial resources, facilities...i don't know if any rescue organization is really completely financially seems to me that it is pretty darn easy to spend every cent that comes in on helping animals every way that you (by the way)...cali, the old lab at mission animal control, goes in for her mammary tumour removal surgery next week so she can be more physically healthy and hopefully more adoptable as well....the 2 skinny horses? we are off the financial vet care hook for...they are being transferred to hayburner farm for rescue sometime today.

but what about emotionally healthy? how many rescue organizations are brought to their knees from dysfunctional relationships from within. rescue groups and individuals go to war with others and with themselves. i have in the past talked ad nauseum on rescue bashers bashing lets talk about how we inadvertantly hurt ourselves.

few rescuers or people involved in rescue have master degrees in communication or social or welfare work (and even if they do, it won't really help all that much in actual hands on rescue) is one of the very few places in the "service to others" industry that you can make a very real difference to the immediate world around you without a major educational degree.

really, all you need is a great deal of passion, a vision, and some networking skills. if you are smart (and lucky,) you will surround yourself with all kinds of people who have some of the strengths and skills that you are maybe missing.

but as soon as groups of people get together to further one find that one belief is really 2, 10, 20, 54.... eventually you find that your original adgenda is not the only agenda around...and then suddenly, conflict enters the door.

internal conflict within the group is not necessarily a bad by necessity, makes you grow and think and then re-think, and re-think until you need a break from thinking before you can't think at all anymore.

but it is how both the entire group and each individual handles that conflict that counts. sometimes when you are just polars apart, with no happy meeting ground in have to just cut your losses and someone has to go. but hopefully in most situations thru compromise, respectful negotiation, or the real ability to actually let go of an issue and move forward...things will work themselves out.

people argue in is like a national past time...we do it on forums, we do it in board rooms, we do it individually amongst ourselves. mo, sheila and i have had some whopping fights...we all care very deeply about animals, rescue and saints. nicole and i don't argue much but we can still occasionally quietly piss each other off....the staff and i sometimes get frustrated with each other and don't even tell me that i don't sometimes drive the volunteers completely insane when they need something from me and i keep forgetting to get it for them.

it is one of those things where the best and the worst of us is right out in the open for all close to us to see. and that is hard to keep many individuals, so many personalities, so many differing beliefs, so many different kinds of living, of feeling, of speaking, of hearing, of just being.

we do ok on our good days...but bad days are always a challenge. there can be a lot of accumulative group and individual bad days in rescue and in our daily lives.

so what do we do? how do we handle the days when things are not so great?

with a great deal of caring for each other, with a great deal of actual respect....with a very clear common goal running around and under all of our feet creating puddles of urine and puddles of worry and puddles of furry laughter, love and caring.

people come and go...everyone in rescue is looking for something slightly different and it is not always right where you happen to seek.
it is an imperfect world, saints in an imperfect rescue filled with imperfect people and imperfect animals...and those of us that stay for the long haul, love it here.

it is the one thing at saints that we all have in common and we somehow make it work. i think saints is pretty healthy and for that, i am truly grateful.

have i told you guys lately how much i love you all?...well...i really do.

ok, enough thinking deep sappy thoughts for this morning...i still have not had a cup of tea yet and i want one before i think any more.



and yet you often speak as though you have many degrees in understanding people.