Rescue Journal

we are not having a good day at saints today...

Carol  ·  Feb. 7, 2010

esther is too sedated with the full dose of benadryl that the vet recommended so i am cutting the dose in half.
kodi is pretty much not making a lot of new friends because he keeps acting like a cattle dog pain in the ass.
little max is pretty much headed for a complete mental break down if he is not already there. i am making him get up and go outside and be a dog once in awhile just to make him keep moving while he is so depressed. mandy on the other hand (his mom) is doing really well...she discovered the roast chicken i brought home today for cole and max and her mission in life is to secure quite a bit more. in crises. he is not able to get up at all today....whenever he tries, he falls over. he finally figured it out that he cannot get up even with help so now he is peaceful and sleeping. he won't eat or drink..i spoke to the vet and she will come at any time to put him down if i think he needs to go. i am praying that with some rest and peace and quiet, he will get up again. i am not sure if this is a stroke or if his spinal disease has reached the end...the only thing i know for sure is at this moment, cole is immobile but he is still comfortable.

cole came to us in march of 2005, he was 11 at the time so i guess he is around 16 yrs old now.....the words cole and old together seem wrong....he has always seemed forever 11 to me.

hope is floating for you cole.



Oh Cole - You had such a wandering life with so little care before Carol took you in; you will forever have a place in my heart. I can't even remember how many "truck rides" we took together...thank goodness you had such an important job in the later years of your life. Who knew you'd go from criminal to cop? ;) xox J.


i cannot imagine saints without cole.i am glad that at the fundraiser i purchased a beautiful pic of cole. he has a proud spot in my living room. my dogs do not even have their pic he is quite the dog to have been through all he has and to rally back and love his barn life. he so waits for the weekends when mo gets here and loves spending the days with her. hope he has some more time.