Rescue Journal

i am stuck at work this evening

Carol  ·  Feb. 9, 2010

luckily laura is going to check on the saints for me this evening and hang out with them for awhile.

on my dinner break, i picked up the recent windchimes for those we have lost. i had to go back to right to january because i was waiting for decent weather before hanging more chimes.

i think i chose everyone's chimes really well....each one has to somehow represent something about the spirit of the one that we lost.

apollo's chime reminds me of a house for the gods.

daffy duck dogs is a beautiful and multicolored stained glass monarch butterfly.

buddy's on first glance looks a bit ragged like something from a rummage sale but when you look closely and hold it up to the light, it is really beautiful.

donny's is a sweet and cheerful looking bumble bee.

max's is a hand painted glass with many bright colors dragon fly.

sparkles' looks a bit boring and dirty in the day light but it is a solar windchime so it glows and shines at night.

and cole's is a mystical, magical earthy green globe that would blend into the shadows of any deep woods.

tomorrow i will hang all of our beloved friends memory chimes....i think they will all look quite beautiful....just like those we rememeber.



wow what a truly lovely tribute to cole . it is beautifully put together and the music brought tears to my eyes. thankyou so much you really do have avery special gift and sharing it makes it even more special.


Well, darn You Tube...the quality is not the greatest..I will try to fix later today. :(


Thanks to Nicole and her pictures I was able to upload a slideshow for Cole.


They sound absolutely perfect. I wish that I could see them in all their splendor!


Those windchimes sound perfect I look forward to seeing them on saturday.