Rescue Journal

i got between kodi and 4lane by accident last night and kodi did a minor number on the back of my lower leg...

Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2010

he is such a doornob..."oh did i bite ya? hey..gotta minute to rub my head?????"

we trashed the computer room and reorganized it to fit in a quiet xpen area for max. he got all of his new meds today...but he wouldn't eat his lunch..i will try him in a bit again. i am hoping that with a day or two of really good meds, max will feel more like himself again.
this better work!

esther is doing good...she is looking 100% better and she is feeling well enough to climb around looking for cat food to steal.

everyone else is napping..the staff are gone, the place is nice and quiet til i have to move again (at 4:30) to put the barn guys to bed.

a cup of tea, enjoy watching them silently sleep..and then i will move and they will all start barking again.
it is the way it goes around here...silence is golden cuz it only happens when i am alone and immobile at the very same time!



lol jenn, i love you! is pretty bad when you like visiting best when i am at work!!!


I know ... that is what I covet too ... and why I am so glad I am your daughter and thus can have the place to myself saturday afternoons and enjoy the peaceful silence and relaxation ... of them all happily napping and snuggling with me!