Rescue Journal

To the person who phoned me with a donation for our pub fundraiser... So Sorry

Sheila  ·  Feb. 17, 2010

I apologize... he phoned when Leila was coming in the door and the dogs were barking like crazy... I missed his name. But the worst part was I copied his phone number down wrong. He was going to donate plumbing fixtures to the event. And he had adopted and senior dog from the spca last year... I hate that I did that because it now reflects badly on SAINTS...



The fellow's number was unknown on call display, but we know he lives in Maple Ridge , cuz i was going to pick up what he was offering, so if anyone knows this guy, please ask him to call again... he was calling as a result of the poster for saving Carols hair... hope the pledges are going well cuz I understand we (as in us volunteers) we be in poo poo with Carols family if she ends up bald...


Isn't there a series of numbers you can press to hear what the last number that called you was? Maybe Telus can tell you for a small fee?


If you're worried, Sheila, you might want to try doing a bit of guess-work on a reverse directory and see if you hit anything familiar or likely, or you might want to try area code 778 or even 250 with the same number if you assumed 604 (that happens to me at work some times - people don't always leave their area code or they forget and give the wrong one!).
I've also gotten a mis-copied number a few times, and was lucky enough to sort it out in the end (once I didn't realize I had heard the name, but when I read it on a reverse directory, it was familiar - this was with transposed final two digits). By no means do I think you should go through every combination of numbers, but it might be worth just trying to look up a couple of possibilities on a reverse directory online (telus has one - look for their online phonebook, then "whose number is this?" link). Good luck - hope he calls back!


Plumbing fixtures! We might be able to use those for our new place. Hope he calls back.