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Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2010

squeaky and hymie LOVE their new room....they cannot take their eyes off the 2 aviaries and their feathered occupants. i have put clipping locks on the birds doors just in case but please be careful going in and out because those cats are very interested in our little birds!

champ is not thrilled to lose his office...but the new area is more appropriate for his arthritis and he will get used to it soon.
dusty and lucky are glad reggie got the boot.
reggie is not too sure.
sweetpea likes her new window and chief and ebony are maybe a little less freaked out...but not a whole lot.

and i wanted to update you on our new bunnies...anthony hopkins and thumperina (who louise now wants to change to bunessa redgrave)...
those rabbits were so traumatized in that store...people were always trying to touch them, to pet them..they kept opening their cage doors and sticking their hands in. each time i saw them, they were shrunk, tight up into a corner with their ears flat to their head...i saw them 4 different times over that few days and they were always the same...petrified.

i have been watching them this week...their ears are up, they are moving around their cages..they look happier, more relaxed, more secure. part of that is the other rabbits...they know they are there and they are not afraid so it must be safe. but the biggest part of it is...being around and cared for by humans who at least understand that an animal in a cage in a public place feels extremely vulnerable...they don't want to be touched, they don't want to be friends, they don't want you to look at them and tell them how cute they are......they want you to just walk by and leave them alone.

those bunnies had been living there since september...bunnies do not belong in cages up for sale and then discounted to not support businesses that sell live is not only cruel but the animals are purchased by anyone...not just people who will give them good homes...but irresponsible people too.



ahh sucks to be a person of responsible action but thank god there are people like you too!
lucky few of them have any real good luck.

Kelly B

I no longer go into any business that sells bunnies.

We have always had rabbits, but in the last week acquired three more after someone dumped them at the barn where I keep my horses. The "dumper" had rescued them from the auction a few months before, and when she couldn't rehome them, nor could they continue to be kept in one pen (due to a mix of genders) she bundled them up on a cold December night, and let them go. Luckily they were all captured. However, since then they've been living in an old pig barn, with no natural light and not much attention.

So, here come the pushovers... we have more than enough pets, but I could not in all good conscience allow these rabbits to continue on as they were. Now all three are my problem-to spay/neuter, to house and feed, and hopefully, rehome. I'm tired of making the best of other people's thoughtlessness (I know I'm preaching to the choir, here, Carol, but I'm so po'd right now). I'm not made of money, no one has offered to help us with this (least of all the girl who dumped the bunnies in the first place) and now I have to make this work.

I ca't help but cry out of frustration sometimes, becnause I can't help them all, but also because I help the ones I can, no matter what.

Sorry for the rant, just seeing the piece you wrote on the rabbits in pet stores really triggered me. I'm glad there are people like you, Carol, who see the suffering and are able to do something aoout it. You have my utmost respect.


it is a great place for champ, more room a better view has all his former comforts he should do just fine. i love purdy she is a beautiful dog although i am a fan of dalmations, having had 3, hope she starts to get along with the other dogs so she can come out of her little room must be hard for her . purdy please be a good girl and get along..