Rescue Journal

sorting out problems at saints

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2010


1..reggie is driving myself, louise (his primary mp room caregiver) the new cats, dusty and lucky..... nutz.

ripples in the pond of reggie's problem:
1. the new cats are terrified.
2. dusty and lucky are stressed
3.louise and i are contemplating violence against one little black poodle freak.

solution to reggie's problem:
1. remove reggie out of the immediate vicinity of dusty, lucky and the new cats.

1. move hymie and squeaky into the new cats mp room pen(they are emotionally stable enough to handle a bit more excitement and once their ringworm is resolved, they are moving over to the house so it is only temprary and the new pen will give them more room which they both want.)

2. move chief and ebony into bobby brown's medical room pen and move sweet pea over into angie's.

3. bobby brown, angie and charlie will have free access to the medical room, the bunny room and the center pen to hold their stuff.

4. move champ from the office to the back of the mp room and separate him from dusty and lucky with an xpen fence. he will have the same amount of floor space, which i can then carpet for him to keep him off the cold slip[pery floor, he will be less isolated from louise and me, have easy access to outside, and again because he is so close to the end of his life, it will only be a bit inconvenient for us dealing with the xpen fence for a short period of time.

5. move reggie into the office, he will have less negative, overwhelming stimulation, less competition during one on one time. there will be easy access to get him out for the group runs which he really enjoys...there is an open gate he can still see thru and be part of things appropriately and there will be a solid door to close if he is out of control and driving everyone crazy.

the solution to reggie's problem is going to be a ton of work today!



almost..more like strategic planning to prevent a revolution, war (or a little black poodle freak murder!)

Mauro Salles

A work certainly exhaustive, but sorry, I can´t stop laughing imagining the situation: rescuing, saving and protecting the victims, much planning and logistic, etc. Is it preparation for a revolution or a war?